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Shopping Can Help You Live Longer

Finally you have a great excuse to hit the shopping mall. In a Taiwanese study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, researchers have concluded that shopping can help you to live longer if you shop more than once a week compared to people who rarely go shopping. La investigación, which was undertaken by

Early Antibiotics Increase Asthma Risk

Prescribing antibiotics to a baby under the age of six months could increase asthma risk by up to 70% according to a study from Yale University. Asthma is a growing concern in the U.S. where around 23 million people suffer from the chronic disease, which is about 1 in every 13 gente. The growth of asthma among

Sleep More, Weigh Less

A six month research program in the U.S. has studied the link between sleep patterns and weight loss, and has concluded that people who regularly have between six and eight hours sleep a night are more likely to succeed at weight loss programs than those who sleep less or more. It appears that poor sleep

Train the Brain to Fight Chronic Fatigue

A new study comparing treatments to fight chronic fatigue syndrome has found that cognitive behavioral therapy, which changes the way sufferers think about and respond to fatigue, can have a far more positive effect on the condition than previously thought. Chronic fatigue syndrome affects around 2% of the world’s population and its main symptom is intense long term

A Natural Night’s Sleep

  Insomnia is a growing concern in a society where higher stress levels, increased use of medication, and over exposure to technology are regularly preventing a third of us from getting a good night’s sleep. Recent reports have suggested that watching television, and using a laptop or digital reading device in the evening could be

El daño por fumar es instantáneo

Fumar puede producir sustancias químicas cancerígenas en el cuerpo dentro de 15 minutos de fumar un cigarrillo según una investigación de la Universidad de Minnesota. La investigación, que fue financiado por los EE. UU.. National Cancer Institute y publicado en Chemical Research in Toxicology, identificado una sustancia que puede dañar el ADN y conducir a la formación de…