Metabolic Syndrome Less Likely for Vegetarians

  A study into dietary patterns and how they affect the prevalence of metabolic syndrome or its individual risk factors has concluded that people who don’t eat meat are around 56% less likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those that do. This particular piece of research is part of a larger study by the Karoliska […]

Sleep More, Weigh Less

A six month research program in the U.S. has studied the link between sleep patterns and weight loss, and has concluded that people who regularly have between six and eight hours sleep a night are more likely to succeed at weight loss programs than those who sleep less or more. It appears that poor sleep […]

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Statins are hailed as a wonder drug in the fight against heart disease, with some doctors going as far as recommending that they be prescribed to everyone over the age of 50. But what about the 1 in 5 users that suffer potentially devastating side effects? Reducing cholesterol naturally lowers your risk of developing heart disease […]

Honey Heals Stubborn Wounds

When stubborn wounds refuse to heal, one of the best treatments to use is honey. Find out the other amazing healing properties of honey.

Yoga Relieves Chronic Back Pain

Although other studies have shown activity is beneficial for chronic back pain, this is the first to outline the benefits of yoga. You’ll be surprised!

Lower Blood Pressure with Beets

Blood pressure drugs are some of the most deadly medicines, but here’s very good news. See how to lower your blood pressure effectively with beets.

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