Top Tips to Get Your Child Eating Healthy

Afro-Caribbean Mother and Young Daughter Cooking Together - healthy eating

Childhood obesity rates in the U.S. and other western countries are astounding. Around 17% of children aged between two and nineteen are considered obese, while many more are overweight. Since the 1980s the rate of childhood obesity has tripled and the figures continue to rise.   Children who are obese are likely to go on […]

Reduce High Blood Pressure with Garlic

If you are being treated with medication for high blood pressure but not getting good results, here is a recent study that could make all the difference.

Combat Wrinkles By Eating Chocolate

It sounds too good to be true, but researchers have found you can combat wrinkles by indulging in chocolate. Here are the awesome details.

Ginger Eases Aches and Pains

A daily dose of ginger can naturally reduce muscle pain by up to 25%, according to research by the University of Georgia. Whether you’ve overdone it on the treadmill, spent all day gardening, or simply strained yourself spring cleaning, ginger is a safe and effective way to reduce common muscle aches.   How did ginger […]

Olive Oil Cuts Stroke Risk

Replacing other fats in your diet with olive oil could reduce your risk of having a stroke by more than 40% according to a French study, published in the journal Neurology. Olive oil has previously been identified as having many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of many cancers, being effective against HER-2 breast cancer, […]

Is stress behind your weight gain?

You may be surprised to discover that stress actually leads to weight gain. Find out how the hormones of stress can pack on the pounds.

Crack Cholesterol with a Bag of Nuts

A small bag of nuts a day could dramatically lower cholesterol levels, according to a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine. Various types of nuts seem to produce the same effect, although experts warn against salted or sugar coated nuts, which can have negative consequences for health. What does the study show? A series of […]

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