Dark Chocolate is a Health Food!

Chocolate is the perfect food because it tastes great and does great things in our bodies. Discover the many healing properties of chocolate.

Celery Helps Lower High Blood Pressure and Inflammation

Fresh celery on a cutting Board.

Trying to defeat high blood pressure and inflammation?  Adding plenty of vegetables to your diet on a regular basis can help get blood pressure under control without producing side effects.  As you peruse the produce counter, be sure to pick up a bunch of celery, a vegetable that has been known to fight high blood […]

Do You Get Enough of This Powerful Immune Booster?

Americans don’t get enough sleep to stay healthy!  Only about one in four gets a full 8 hours of sleep.  Yet research shows that a person’s sleep amount is a great predictor of outcome.  Humans with shorter sleep times have been shown to have weakened immune systems which makes them more susceptible to viruses, bacterial […]

Lose Weight with a Full Plate

woman reading book on beach

If you want to lose weight it’s time to think outside the box. This weight loss advice may be a big surprise, but it really works!

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