Dark Chocolate is a Health Food!

Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, take heart! Research has given us plenty of reasons to keep on eating dark chocolate without feeling guilty. In fact, several studies shows that chocolate is quite effective against the number one killer of Americans, heart disease.  And the news gets even better for females! Let’s just say, you may want to cave […]

Green Tea Wins for Weight Loss and Overall Health

Green Tea for All Day Energy

Green tea from Asia has entered Western markets with a bang, amid claims that it can prevent and treat almost everything that ails mankind. At first, it seemed too good to be true, but now we are finding out it is true. The list of health benefits of green tea gets longer almost every day. […]

Celery Helps Lower High Blood Pressure and Inflammation

Fresh celery on a cutting Board.

Trying to defeat high blood pressure and inflammation?  Adding plenty of vegetables to your diet on a regular basis can help get blood pressure under control without producing side effects.  As you peruse the produce counter, be sure to pick up a bunch of celery, a vegetable that has been known to fight high blood […]

Do You Get Enough of This Powerful Immune Booster?

woman with sore throat

Americans don’t get enough sleep to stay healthy!  Only about one in four gets a full 8 hours of sleep.  Yet research shows that a person’s sleep amount is a great predictor of outcome.  Humans with shorter sleep times have been shown to have weakened immune systems which makes them more susceptible to viruses, bacterial […]

Lose Weight with a Full Plate

woman reading book on beach

Eat More, Weigh Less This Summer Want to lose weight and keep it off forever? If so, it’s time to go in a new direction — think outside the box.  Forget about diets and starvation, and start doing what really works. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to think […]

Do tomatoes work as well as statins to lower cholesterol?

Is it possible that the common tomato can do as good a job at lowering cholesterol as statins, and do it for a fraction of the cost and without horrid side effects? Recent research from Australia is showing the answer to this question is a resounding yes. These researchers found that 25 mg of lycopene, […]

Progesterone is the World’s Best Kept Hormone Secret

Progesterone may be the overlooked steroid hormone, but without it there can be no hormonal balance and no homeostasis.  Optimal levels of progesterone are essential for the maintenance and balance of our internal terrain.  When we have managed to reach a state of homeostasis, we live the good life and feel full of energy and […]

Seven big reasons why cantaloupe belongs on your table

Cantaloupe and other melons are the most easily digested food there is, leaving the stomach in just 10 to 15 minutes and requiring no enzyme production on our part.  While most foods drag us down by the effort needed to digest them, cantaloupe is uplifting and provides instant and sustainable energy.  But that’s not all […]

Three big reasons why butter is better

Whether you’re baking goodies or eating your morning toast, butter is clearly the better choice because of its health benefits and delicious taste. It was the choice of our ancestors when heart disease and high cholesterol were virtually unknown, and today research is documenting what those folks instinctively knew. Here are reasons why butter is […]

Asparagus Provides the Health Benefits of Broccoli

Seeing fresh asparagus on your grocer’s produce counter is like hearing a trumpeter herald the arrival of spring. The asparagus season usually lasts until the end of July, and during the season this gift from nature should be a feature on your table. This is because asparagus provides protection against cancer that rivals that of […]

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