Dr. Andrea is a chiropractor and mother of a two in Peoria, Illinois. Her biggest passion is working with women and families to help incorporate healthy habits that can sustain energy and vitality for life. She identifies personal habits such as posture and choice of footwear that may be exacerbating health conditions or interfering with healing. She stresses health education with her patients so that they can understand what caused their condition, the different treatment options available to them,  and also how they can help to speed up the healing process. Her unique approach can help to accelerate healing and maintain your journey to great health as you better understand the dynamics of your body.

lavender lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Again this rogue bag of dried lavender in my baking cupboard is inspiring me. This lavender lemonade recipe is a refreshing twist on a classic for some interesting flavor notes and relaxation. I did not choose to add any special colors or fresh lavender flowers so no pretty purple color, but this drink has AMAZING…