Breathing and its Effect on Health


I am often asked “What is the one thing I can do that will make me healthier?” It is a hard question to answer. Is it more water? Is it taking a multivitamin? Is it exercise? Is it getting a wellness adjustment? They are all positive and important steps in maintaining health but one very overlooked concept that is both easy and free (great combination) is breathing.

How are you currently breathing? Have you ever paid attention to your breathing? You probably focus on every single little intricacy of your life…with the exception of your breath.

Most people breathe based on their emotional state or stress levels. Some strong advocates of breathing, such as Yogi’s and other breathing experts would say that your emotional state and stress levels are actually a side effect of your breathing. Either way breathing is an essential aspect of adequate health. Let me explain in more detail…

Correct abdominal breathing ensures that your body receives adequate oxygen to the brain and all tissues of the body. When you take that deep abdominal breath is causes an increase in the curvature of the lower back and a movement in your pelvis that literally pushes cerebral spinal fluid up the spine to the brain which increases neurological function!

Short, shallow breathing causes oxygen deprivation to your tissue and an acidic environment which promotes disease. So what can you do? It is simple. You don’t need to go to the doctor or get expensive laboratory testing. You don’t even have to go to the pharmacy. You simply have to focus on your breathing. Take a breath from your abdomen, then your chest and then your shoulders…all in one breath.

Take ten slow, deep breaths at least every morning and evening and also anytime that you feel stress throughout the day. It can literally help to manage your stress hormones to create a more peaceful life with less risk of disease.

…And yes, it is free!


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