Frozen Pineapple Dole Whip

Homemade Health Frozen PIneapple Whip

If you’ve ever traveled to the land of magical mouse ears, you know the frozen pineapple dole whip is a treat you don’t want to miss. Lucky for you, a great deal on pineapples at the grocery store the other day left us with an extra pineapple just waiting to experiment with. So, we tried our hand at making a healthier version of this famous dole whip. We’re happy to report this pineapple whip recipe is going in our keep file!


How is this pineapple dole whip recipe guilt-free?

Not all pineapple dole whips are healthy. But this frozen pineapple dole whip recipe checks all the boxes for those following gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo diets! It’s made with real fruit, is sweet enough that it doesn’t really require any added sugars, and packs a ton of health benefits just with its simple plant-based ingredients!


Pineapple is great for helping with digestion and gut health. It also is a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to an enzyme found in its juice called bromelain. This enzyme triggers your body’s response to reduce pain and fight inflammation, so adding it to your diet can be a great way to get natural pain relief and help your body heal.


As desserts go, we have to rank it in the guilt-free column because it’s one of those unicorns of the dessert world. It tastes good and is good for you, too!


Is pineapple dole whip dairy-free?

While some pineapple whips are made with milk, this healthier version swaps it out with coconut milk. You could also use almond milk or cashew milk if you prefer those dairy-free versions better. But for those with nut allergies, coconut milk pairs great with pineapple and also carries its own health benefits like being high in iron and antioxidants and helping with inflammation as well. Coconut milk also can help improve your good cholesterol (HDH) numbers and help you look younger by improving your hair and skin health.


How long does it take to make whipped pineapple?

If your pineapple is already frozen and you have a food processor or blender, all you need is about 5 minutes to “whip” this up! For a more ice cream-like consistency, you could freeze it for at least an hour before serving, but it doesn’t affect the flavor! 


So, let’s get started on how you can make this healthy frozen pineapple dole whip. Here’s what you’ll need to serve up this delicious, refreshing treat at your table!


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