Cuban Pulled Pork

pulled pork bowl over a wooden plank table

This juicy, pulled pork recipe will fast become a family favorite. It’s also great to make in large quantities and you can use the leftovers to make practically any dish you can come up with later in the week (or freeze for a quick plan ahead meal). 

Depending on how large of a roast you use, you can cook this completely in your slow-cooker or bake in a large roasting pan and transfer the shredded meat and juice to a slow cooker later (if desired).  

This quick-and-easy pulled pork recipe tastes fantastic on sandwiches or you can make it into tacos, stir-fry it for some fajitas, serve it over eggs, or mix it into a quinoa or brown rice bowl with black beans, sauteed peppers, baby spinach, and pineapple



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