End Psoriasis Naturally

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that affects 80 million people around the world. It presents itself with round red dry patches on the skin that are often itchy and subject to cracking, blistering, and bleeding. Psoriasis can be a direct result of what is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, a condition where the intestinal lining

How to Detoxify Poisons from the Sky

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Chemtrails are a touchy subjectpeople either acknowledge them and want to protect themselves from the toxic fallout, or they look at you like you’re nuts when you point to the sky, and accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist. For those in the first group, this article is dedicated to coping

La quinua es un sustituto perfecto del grano

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Los cereales integrales han sido elogiados por sus numerosos beneficios para la salud., sin embargo, muchas personas que son intolerantes al gluten han encontrado que sus opciones de granos integrales son limitadas. Quinoa (pronunciado "keen-wah") es una verdura parecida a un grano sin gluten cada vez más popular que ofrece los mismos beneficios que los cereales integrales y más. La quinua es una especie de pie de gallina…