The Best Oil for Cooking

I was recently asked by a patient, “What is the best oil to cook with?” That is a great question amidst the significant amount of misinformation on cooking oils found on the internet. Although I was aware of the toxic effects of vegetable oils I was not aware of the extent of the toxic effect

The Dangers of Gardasil

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) advises that all 11-12 year old girls receive a new, controversial vaccine to prevent infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Schools are considering making it mandatory before allowing your child to enter back into school. sin embargo, no school systems have made that determination as of yet. The FDA

Is Your Sunscreen Promoting Cancer?

In order to make your sunscreen transparent instead of looking like a white paste the approved sun screen chemicals (titanium oxide and zinc oxide) are modified into small particles called nanoparticles which can enter deep into the skin and even the bloodstream causing many potential health problems. Dr Vyvyan Howard, a toxicopathologist and senior lecturer

Imite una corporación para la buena salud

La búsqueda del bienestar sigue ganando terreno, especialmente en el mundo empresarial. Las corporaciones han comenzado a darse cuenta de que los programas de bienestar pueden contribuir a sus resultados. Por cada dólar invertido en programas de bienestar en el lugar de trabajo, hay un regreso de $15 al empleador, según la Asociación Americana del Corazón (AHA).  Los programas de bienestar se promocionan para aumentar la productividad y…