Cardiovascular Exercise and Improved Health

A recent study by a university in the Netherlands concluded that in addition to cardiovascular improvement and healthier aging of the body, aerobic exercise increases cognitive fitness in older people. Healthy people above age 50 are discovering that by getting off the couch and doing something physical (caminando, andar en bicicleta, using cardio machines at the health

Social Factors Affecting Ability To Quit Smoking

Relationships have much to do with decisions to quit smoking, the study found. Ranked highest was the spouse, stating that “the other spouse’s chances of continuing smoking decreases by 67 percent.If your friend quits, your chances of continuing decrease by 36 por ciento. Just under that percentage ranks co-workers and siblings. Researchers are finding that

Coffee Increases the Risk of Diabetes

  Blood sugar levels jumped 250 percent higher after male volunteers consumed caffeine an hour prior to eating low-sugar cereals, interfering with the body’s response to insulin, said an article reported by United Press International. This jump in blood sugar was found to make the body “’resistant to insulin which in turn makes our blood-sugar levels

Cut Cancer Risk with Flavonoids!

Strawberries, manzanas, cebollas, frijoles, Brussels sprouts along with green and black teas are chock-full of flavonoidswater-soluble plant pigments with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Such were the findings of a study conducted by a UCLA team of the dietary habits of smokers with or without lung cancer, published in the June issue of Cancer.