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AlignLife Nutraceuticals

Serious Nutrition For Serious Results

AlignLife Nutraceuticals is a boutique nutritional company that focuses on training professionals in clinical nutrition and providing therapeutic nutritional solutions.

There are four distinct platforms that AlignLife will provide to you as a wholesale distributor:

  • The Industry’s Best Product Guarantee
  • Active Pharmaceutical-Grade Formulations
  • Comprehensive Clinical and Procedural Training
  • Free Shopping Cart or Discounted Comprehensive Website*

The Industries Best Product Guarantee

The Empty Bottle Guarantee will allow you to promote nutritional solutions to your patients without having to “sell” the product. You simply explain the product and the desired outcome and let them know all products have a 60-Day, unconditional money-back guarantee. Your patient can literally finish a bottle of supplements and, if not happy, receive a complete refund.

This guarantee will drive compliance due to the ‘risk-free” offering and consequently help more patients reach a state of optimal health.

The Empty Bottle Guarantee provides:

  • Higher Patient Compliance
  • More Patient Referrals
  • Increase in Revenue


Active Pharmaceutical-Grade Formulations

In addition to our exclusive Empty Bottle Guarantee, AlignLife provides hypoallergenic, bioavailable, clinically-proven formulations with the following additional guarantees.

  • All products will provide 100% potency for their entire shelf life
  • Every ingredient is pharmaceutical grade or better
  • We provide full label disclosure with NO hidden ingredients

Comprehensive Clinical and Procedural Training

Our CEO, Dr. Joseph Esposito, understands nutritional integration is more than just a great product line. It requires training to embrace protocols and instill confidence in the professional. Then it requires office procedures to make the integration a reality. Dr. Esposito is an expert in systems management and has shown many healthcare providers around the world how to implement nutrition with ease.

All new wholesalers will receive an eight week course on how to get you on your way to provide an integrated nutritional offering. This “Kick-Off Program” will eliminate the confusion and get you out of your own way to provide the success you are looking for.

AlignLife provides a comprehensive offering from product and dosage to training and marketing. It is the complete package to make the integration of nutrition easier.

You will no longer have to be confused and overwhelmed when you implement nutrition into your practice.

“I now have a foundation of knowledge and the confidence to recommend nutrition in my office. Results have been phenomenal and the profit is amazing.””In the past I had a large inventory that was always expiring. Now I can’t keep product on the shelf!”

Free Shopping Cart or Discounts on a Comprehensive Website*

AlignLife uses web-based product information, ordering systems and customer service to best serve your patient base with little to no effort from your staff.

There are two options in regards to web sites. If you have your own site we will provide you with a free customized shopping cart and if you don’t have a website we can work with our technology partner, VitaLogics, to build a complimentary website for you (all you pay is a monthly support fee).

  • I have my own site

If you own your own site we will customize your shopping cart to match your site and create a link for the store on your home page. Within seven days, you will have a comprehensive shopping cart with over 2500 pages of information on nutrients and their depletion by medication. Your patients can search for information, ask questions and purchase products.

This service is free of charge for wholesalers. Your web orders will be sent to our distribution center, we will package and ship the products, and you will receive a monthly check for the profit of those sales.

  • I need a website

With a starting order of $895 we will provide you with a coupon code to use with our technology partner, VitaLogics. The coupon code is worth $695 and will pay the entire cost of building your new site. Your monthly support fees will be dependent on which web services program you pick at VitaLogics.

Once your website is set up, you will receive profits from nutrient sales in your office as well as online 24 hours a day with your ecommerce store!

Your custom web site will provide:

  • Comprehensive Product Information
  • Ability to Order Online
  • Automatic Reorder Options
  • Customer Service Support
  • Inventory Management and Shipping Services
  • Nutrient Research
  • Educational Newsletter

Click picture to watch video:

Health Secrets Newsletter

All wholesalers will have a link on their sites to provide the Health Secrets newsletter to their patients. Health Secrets is the number one natural health newsletter distributed to thousands of subscribers around the world and can be available for your patients at no charge.

We Provide What Doctors Want

Before starting AlignLife Nutraceuticals we interviewed 94 doctors around the United States to find out the most common adversities doctors face when implementing nutrition in their offices.

We were shocked when we found out that an overwhelming 80% of doctors were interested in implementing nutrition if they had proven protocols and clinically effective products.

The following are the most common concerns of practitioners and how we tackled the concerns:

  • I don’t want to stock a large inventory.
    • (No need. You will have an entire online store!)
  • I don’t know what nutrients to use. 
    • (No worries. Attend our webinars and use a prescription pad for guidance.)
  • I would like to offer the nutrients on my web site but I don’t want to pay for an online shopping cart.
    • (You don’t have to. We pay for the building, the hosting and the updating of your site.)
  • I want to make profit. 
    • (You will not only make profit while you are in the office but you can make profit 24 hours a day with your site. People buy product on your site, we get the order, we package it and ship it, and you receive a check in the mail. True passive income.)

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