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Toxin Elimination

Alignlife’s Ultimate Body Cleanse is one of the only cleansing systems that is based on clinical research and sold in over 100 doctor’s offices and pharmacies nationwide. The Ultimate Body Cleanse is a 5 in 1 cleansing system consisting of five cleanses that take place over a ten day period of time:

  • Toxic Cleanse
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Digestive Cleanse
  • Immune Cleanse
  • Parasite Cleanse

Millions of Americans are suffering needlessly from health conditions directly associated with the negative effects of toxins. Don’t wait any longer. Start the Ultimate Body Cleanse today.

Am I Toxic?

You’re not sure if you are toxic? There are nerve-damaging pesticides on your food, toxic sweeteners in your soft drink, harmful chlorine in your water, cancer-causing chemicals in your dry-cleaned clothes and hormone-disrupting poisons in your Styrofoam coffee cup.

The question is no longer “Am I toxic?” but “How toxic am I?” and “How do I go about eliminating those toxins?” The Ultimate Body Cleanse is the answer to the goal of toxin elimination.

Weight Loss

Most toxins store in fat cells preventing people from losing weight regardless of their diet or exercise commitment. If the fat cells are full of toxins, the body will lower the metabolism to prevent the fat cells from shrinking because it would release the toxins into the bloodstream. Do the Ultimate Body Cleanse first and your weight loss efforts will become easier and more permanent.

Talk to an AlignLife Doctor Today!

AlignLife physicians provide free phone consultations for those individuals who would be interested discussing their health problem. Check either phone consultation or in office appointment and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial free consultation.

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