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Is a Cigarette Healthier than a Trans Fat Laced French Fry?

We have long considered eating French fries to be safer than smoking cigarettes, but that may be changing.  French fries as well as many deep fried foods, pies, cakes, potato chips, cookies, crackers, cereals, peanut butter and several other foods contain partially hydrogenated oils.  These modified oils make pie crust crisp and flaky, potato chips crunchy, and cookies chewy.  But partially hydrogenated oils do not occur naturally.  They are created by a heating process during which a poisonous substance called trans fat is created.

Trans fats are a food manufacturer’s dream come true because they are neither solid nor liquid.  They exist in a semi-solid state like butter and can be used as a replacement for butter in processed foods.  They are cheaper to use than butter and can drastically extend the shelf life of packaged products.

Trans fats are abnormal, twisted fatty acids.  It may be tempting to think that since they are created from a normal fatty acid molecules, trans fats can’t be that bad.  But this would be like taking your car and twisting the front end by 180 degrees.  The front end of the car would then have its wheels where the roof should be, and the roof where the wheels should be.  Driving this kind of car would be a hazardous proposition.  In similar fashion, it is hazardous to the cells of the body to try to operate when they have trans fats where natural fatty acids should be.

It would be better if the heating process totally changed the entire trans fat molecule so it would not be recognized as a normal fatty acid and it would not be used by cells.  Unfortunately, trans fat still looks the same as normal fat to the body, except that it is twisted.  It is still picked up by the cells of the body and becomes part of the outer cell walls.  A healthy cell wall is soft and flexible enabling nutrients to enter the cell and toxins to exit.  Since trans fats are abnormally twisted, they are stiffer than normal fats and they make the cell wall very rigid. This rigidity makes it difficult for the cell to accept nutrients, discard toxins or communicate with its environment.  When poisonous trans fats are consumed, they can literally change the health and metabolism of each of the 50 trillion cells in the body, drastically increasing the risk of chronic diseases and unnecessary symptoms.

Here is a great analogy to help lock in an understanding of the effects of ingesting this poison.  What if your town had rigid walls around its border and you could not send garbage to the dump outside your town, or get shipments of food into your town?  Eventually, the garbage would be all over the streets promoting disease, and the lack of nutrients would make everyone even sicker.  That scenario can happen to millions or even trillions of your cells when you consume trans fatty acids.

Trans fat makes people fat!

When a person consumes lots of trans fatty acids, hunger and abnormal food cravings increase. This is because the wisdom of the body will prompt continued consumption until the right fat is consumed.  When the body receives trans fats instread of healthy fats, the signal is sent that you should keep right on eating.

In addition, there’s a second reason why eating trans fat creates more hunger and cravings.  Not only does the body still demand the correct fats, but when it is under the influence of trans fat, it becomes resistant to insulin, making the cravings even worse!

Let me explain the second reasoning in more detail.  Insulin is a hormone that helps take sugar out of the bloodstream and push it into the cells of the body.  If it weren’t for insulin, sugar would get into the blood but NEVER be able to get from the blood into the cells where it is needed.  When insulin isn’t as effective because you have consumed trans fatty acids, the body releases MORE insulin and MORE insulin and MORE insulin, struggling to push the excess sugar out of the blood into the cells where it is desperately needed. Eventually the body releases so much insulin that it OVER COMPENSATES and TOO MUCH SUGAR gets pushed out of the blood and into the cells.  Then there is not enough sugar floating around in the bloodstream, resulting in increased sugar cravings.

And the problem gets even bigger than that!  Since insulin is a hormone, when it is secreted in high amounts, it adversely affects every other hormone in the body and can create major imbalances.  Sit down…this is where it gets really ugly.

Excess insulin STOPS the body’s ability to burn fat.  Yes, you could run on the treadmill all day but you aren’t going to lose much weight if you have high insulin levels.  First, high insulin levels in the blood shift the focus from usage to storage.  What would have been burned as energy when insulin levels were normal becomes stored as fat when insulin levels are elevated.  Second, high insulin causes increased levels of unbalanced estrogen that can promote breast or prostate cancer and other estrogen related diseases. Third, high insulin levels lower thyroid hormone levels causing your metabolism to crash and even MORE WEIGHT to be gained.  Fourth, and to top it off, increased insulin will lower levels of the hormone that slows aging, growth hormone.  This hormone maintains muscle mass and skin tone, and decreases fat deposition.  Those of you who like having a nice figure and dislike wrinkles and aging had better keep as much growth hormone as you can.  Keep in mind, for every one pound of muscle you lose, you will theoretically gain six pounds of fat per year, even if you keep the same diet!  It is vitally important to maintain the muscle you have or you will risk weight gain without trying, and promote muscle loss.  In summary, to lose weight effectively, you must eliminate trans fatty acids from your diet.

Trans fats exacerbate diabetes

A person suffering from diabetes and consuming trans fatty acids is like a person suffering from migraines who purposely hits his head with a hammer.  As noted above, trans fats increase insulin levels which is death to a diabetic.

Run from trans fatty acids if you are a diabetic. Those Golden Arches are your kryptonite.  If you suffer from diabetes, educate yourself to outsmart the food manufacturers and the pharmaceutical companies that have helped to make you sick.  Figure out the secrets of how these institutions try to ruin health and work out a plan to foil them.  Get educated now, or their secrets and manipulations will simply make you a pawn to drive their profits.

If I wrote about every disease that could be promoted by trans fatty acids in addition to diabetes, it would produce a 500 page textbook. However, here are some of them:

1. Auto immune diseases
2. Arthritis
3. Heart disease
4. Psoriasis
5. Allergies
6. Asthma
7. Obesity
8. Cancer
9. PMS
10. Mood disorders
11. Hypothyroidism
12. Depression
13. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
14. Sarcopenia
15. Impotence

The blunt truth

The only organization that is going to be truly concerned about your health is you.  Okay, so it is a small organization.  You can be the president.  There are no governmental organizations that are going to watch out for your health, the quality of your foods, your risk of disease, your quality of life, or even your safety to the degree that you don’t have to be involved.

Remember the Golden Rule, “He who has the gold makes the rule”.  The pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries have the gold and their purpose is to drive profits, not maintain your health.  Learn their secrets.  Don’t be a victim due to ignorance or you will join the mainstream of the American population that is tired, depressed, overweight and over medicated.  Be proactive and take a stand for your well being.  Oh yeah…and don’t eat trans fatty acids.

What to do NOW

Read labels in stores and put down anything that contains trans fatty acids.  Or give any product that has trans fatty acids to the store manager and tell him he is selling poison.

Don’t just look at the total trans fats because it can say zero in the servings section but the ingredient list may still show partially hydrogenated oils.  As long as partially hydrogenated oils are in the ingredients list, you will still be consuming harmful trans fats.  It is simply that the politics of the food manufacturers allow them to fool people by claiming zero trans fat in the servings section of the label.  Be smart and read the complete ingredients list.

Complete a detoxification fast to eliminate trans fats from your body.

Begin a nutrition supplementation program to replace the proper fats that your body needs for survival.

To become even more proactive, join some of the non-profit groups that are making noise to encourage companies to eliminate trans fats from foods.

Call AlignLife for a free nutritional consultation to further improve your health.

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