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Simple Steps to Mindful Eating

In order to feel healthier and be slimmer, we can be more mindful of what we eat, as well as pay more attention to how we feel afterwards. One of the many benefits of mindful eating is weight loss without dieting.  Below are some simple steps to follow:

Eat Breakfast – When you skip the first meal of the day, it causes you to be calorie deficient, which can result in unhealthy binge-eating during the day.

Cook at Home – Preparing your own meals puts you in control of the quantity and quality of your food. Many restaurant foods are made with a lot of fat, salt, chemical additives, and unwanted calories.

Keep a Food Diary — Write down how you feel after your meals. This will help you identify which foods make you feel good and which do not.  Staying in tune with the messages of your body will keep you motivated to eat healthy.

Take High-Quality Vitamins — Adding a high quality multi-vitamin to your daily diet can improve overall health and metabolism.  Nutrients work in synergy, and taking a multi vitamin supplement like Daily Balance (180) assures that all necessary nutrients are present to help you get the most from the foods you are eating.

Be a Food Detective — When buying packaged items, choose ones with the fewest ingredients. Read labels and do not eat anything you can’t pronounce. If possible, stick to eating whole organic fruits, veggies and grains.

Choose plant based foods — They are the lowest in calories and are able to force the body to burn its own fat.  They are loaded with nutrients that can make you less hungry.

Replace Carbs– Make a switch from simple carbs to complex carbohydrates by eliminating white bread and flour and replacing it with whole-grain bread, flour, brown rice, quinoa, millet and steel cut oats.

Gradually start out by making changes that feel the most natural and are not difficult for you. Within time, you will start to feel more energized and healthier.

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