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Mushrooms that Fight Cancer and Boost the Immune System

(Health Secrets) In the world of natural health, the mushrooms that fight cancer are known as medicinal mushrooms. They are some of the most potent immune boosters and disease fighters on earth.  Perhaps the most potent of the mushrooms that fight cancer is the Agaricus Blazei Murrill mushroom, known in its native Brazil as The Mushroom of God. However, many other medicinal mushrooms have also proven to be very effective and popular.

Here are some of the very best mushrooms that fight cancer:

Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom - A few decades ago, researchers noticed that in the mountain region of Ideate near Sao Paulo, Brazil, a regular part of the local inhabitants’ diet was a mushroom known as Cogmelo de Deus or Mushroom of God.  The researchers also noted that the local inhabitants were extraordinarily healthy and had a very low incidence of disease, which they attributed to this magical mushroom.

The scientific name of the mushroom is Agaricus Blazei Murrill, more commonly called the ABM mushroom and sometimes referred to as Agaricus Brasiliennis.  So potent is this mushroom that one well-known rainforest herbal manufacturer uses it as the main ingredient in herbal supplements that have been credited with success against cancer and other diseases around the world.

In a study conducted by Dr. Shoji Shibata, a professor at Tokyo University, several other well known cancer-fighting and immune-boosting mushrooms were compared to the ABM, including Reishi and Shiitake. Dr. Shibata’s results found that the other mushrooms were not as effective as the ABM mushroom, and so the ABM was ranked at the top of the list of potent mushrooms, a spot befitting the “Mushroom of God.”  Other Japanese and British studies have also shown the ABM mushroom to have the highest concentration of beta-glucan of any mushroom.

The ABM mushroom contains beta-(1-3)-D-glucan, bBeta-(1-4)-a -D-glucan & beta – (1-6)-D-glucan. Known collectively as beta-glucans, these long-chain polysaccharides are the most potent immuno-potentiating (immune enhancing) substances yet found. They also have very powerful anti-tumor properties.  When human subjects are given ABM in their diet, a 3000% increase of NK cells, a type of anti-tumor white blood cell known as Natural Killer cells, is seen in the blood within 2-4 days.

In addition to beta glucans, agaricus contains derivatives of ergosterol (a potent anti-tumor agent), double stranded RNA (an anti-viral agent), proteoglucans, protein bound polysaccharides of low molecular weight, protein bound polysaccharides of high molecular weight, Vitamins B1 and B2, proteins in the form of amino acids, and niacin, iron, and calcium.

There are many verified reports from around the world of this mushroom being used successfully in late stage cancers that had been determined as hopeless, and some clinics in Europe base their entire treatment protocols on agaricus blazei murrill mushroom extracts and other complimentary botanicals. In fact, in many published studies, the rate of cure for all types of cancer has been in the high ninety percentile range, even for stage 4 lung cancer, where many complete remissions are often seen in just a few weeks.

Reishi Mushrooms - The Reishi mushroom is another of the mushrooms that fight cancer.  Reishi can increase the production of interleukin1 and 2, resulting in inhibition of tumor growth. Studies show that Reishi can have a number of other positive effects on the body such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-viral (through its interferon production), and lowering blood pressure. Reishi acts as a cardiotonic by lowering serum.  It normalizes cholesterol and acts as an expectorant. Reishi is liver protecting and detoxifying, and offers protection against ionizing radiation. It has antibacterial and anti-HIV activity.  Reishi is available fresh or as supplement.

Cordyceps Oglossoides Mushroom – Cordyceps, like many other medicinal mushrooms, contains complex sugars (especially beta 1,3 glucan) and other nutrients (nucleosides, triterpeniods) which seem to strongly nourish and activate various components of the immune system.  It is useful in treating cancer, chronic fatigue and other immune disorders.  It also has value in treating nephritis, may help the immune system recognize tumors that otherwise might escape immune surveillance, and  has positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as anti-aging effects.

Phellinus linteus - Made up primarily of polysacharrides, the Phellinus linteus mushroom suppresses cancer growth, angiogenesis and the invasive behavior of breast and other cancer cells through the inhibition of AKT signaling.  It also stimulates the immune system and induces apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells.

Coriolus Versicolor extract – When considering the mushrooms that fight cancer, Coriolus is another excellent choice. Commonly called the Asian Turkey Tail mushroom, coriolus contains polysaccharides [PSK] and polysaccharopeptides [PSP] that are effective for acute leukemia and stomach, esophagus, colorectal, and lung cancer.  PSK is effective with many types of cancer (at least early and mid-stage cancer).  Even the National Cancer Institute reportedly stated that PSK has been contemplated for use against breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, and brain tumors.  PSP has antitumor activities against Ehrlich ascites tumors, leukemia, sarcoma, lymph, and monocytic leukemia.  Coriolus is good to take during chemotherapy and radiation, even for acute leukemia patients.

Shiitake Mushrooms - The Shiitake mushroom lowers cholesterol and improves immune system function.  It is good for preventing high blood pressure and heart disease, for normalizing cholesterol levels, building resistance against viruses, and fighting diseases such as AIDS/HIV and cancers.  Often available fresh, Shiitake mushrooms are very flavorful when used in cooking.  If you cannot find fresh, Shiitake is also available as a supplement.

Maitaike Mushrooms- High in nutrients including Vitamins B-2, C, D, niacin, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and amino acids, Maitaike mushrooms contain the polysaccharide compound beta-1.6-glucan, which naturally stimulates the immune system and lowers blood pressure.  Beneficial for obesity and diabetic patients, the Maitake mushroom may be best known for its cancer fighting ability.  Tests in mice prove that it blocks tumor formation and boosts the immune system.  Available fresh or as a supplement.

The world of natural health features an abundance of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and supplements to help fight illnesses and boost the immune system.  As you can see, the so-called medicinal mushrooms are an important part of this world.

Published with permission from Alignlife.  Original article link is here.


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