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Welcome To The AlignLife Affiliate Program

Earn Money By Simply Referring to Our Site —> It Is That Simple!

The AlignLife Affiliate Program is a FREE program that allows you to make extra cash by simply referring friends and family to our site. AlignLife will strive to make you happy by providing you with the highest converting web pages with state of the art marketing material to maximize your traffic revenue.

Affiliate Programs are fairly common online, and there are many affiliate marketers who make a great income just by promoting other people’s products and services, such as ours.

Whether you want to post a banner ad on your website that receives thousands of visitors a day or if you simply have a family member that is in need of nutritional products…. AignLife will pay you for your efforts.

Register for Free and Get Exclusive Access to Our Members Area! 
You have the opportunity to promote one of the only pharmaceutical-grade nutritional lines available to affiliates. Be proud to be standing behind a proven product line backed by a national healthcare franchise, AlignLife. Not only are the products of high quality with the industry’s number one guarantee but AlignLife has one of the highest affiliate payouts available!

We offer a residual, passive revenue stream to our affiliates instead of a one time payout. It is your promotional efforts that will generate new business therefore we feel you should share in the long term residual income.

If you have a web site or know people in need of nutritional services you can make money off the explosive sales in the health and beauty industry and AlignLife has a seamless system to support you in your efforts.

Alignlife Affiliate Application

When you work with AlignLife Nutraceuticals, you are working directly with the developers, manufacturers and clinicians behind the products. Our team of professionals have been providing nutritional services since 1995 and our priority, after creating the highest quality nutritional supplementation, is to make our affiliates money. Your success is our success.

We give you the ability to fully customize your advertising methods by promoting your own store on your own domain or linking to our site.

How Does It All Work?
After registering, you’ll get exclusive access to our members area.  In here, you’ll get your very own unique affiliate link, that you can use to promote our site.  What this affiliate link does is track every single referral that you make to our site, so when someone that you referred buys from us, you’ll automatically get credited with the commission. You will also have access to our affiliate tools including banner ads, promotional emails, promotional articles, etc.

For example, you tell your sister about our site and they click on your unique affiliate link. When she buys from us, our affiliate program tracks this and knows that you referred her to us. You’ll then get paid a commission.

Your unique affiliate link can be used anywhere you want, so you can put it up on your website, set it as your email signature, or just tell your friends about it.

Super Affiliates

If you can send 20 or more sales per day we are happy to negotiate special commission and payment requirements. We want your business and can guarantee you the best deal right here at AlignLife. Call AlignLife Nutraceuticals at (877) 688-7241 and ask to speak with an Affiliate Manager.


Our commission structure is designed as a continual, passive, profit sharing relationship with a two-tier payout system. That means you are paid on direct sales AND on sales of affiliates that YOU sign up. The payouts will occur monthly with first tier profit sharing at 20%, 30% and 40% based on $0-$2499, $2500-$4999, and $5000+ in monthly sales respectively. The second tier is paid out at 5%, 7.5% and 10% based on the same monthly sales volume as the first tier.

Getting Paid

Commission payments are made by the 20th of the following month with a minimum of $20 in commissions.


SPAM in any form is NOT allowed! This includes forum spam, blog comment spam, and auto-generated websites. Opt-in email marketing is allowed — bulk email spam is strictly prohibited! Affiliates violating these rules will have their accounts terminated and pending commissions forfeited.

Getting Started

Simply click the button below  to register for our affiliate program. You’ll get immediate access to our exclusive affiliate members area, with all the necessary tools such as banner and text link code.

We look forward to partnering with you to drive your business and help thousands of people obtain health naturally!

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